Its origin lies in the lonely and isolated local populations in the mountains of Tibet, on the southern slopes of the Himalayas and in the Xinjiang region of China, mountain areas with below-zero temperatures where the Cashmere goat has its origins. The fibre is obtained from the deepest, finest and most delicate part of the goat's wool. Because of its characteristics and scarcity, its price is relatively high compared to some other fibers. It is soft to the touch, silky, light and good thermal isolator.

Our tips for caring for your cashmere.
Our sweaters are made from high-quality cashmere yarns.
To keep them in good condition, we advise to give them special attention.

Air-dry your cashmere flat
The best way to dry cashmere is to lay it flat on a clean towel. Do not use a tumble dryer or dry your cashmere on a radiator. These methods would burn the fibers and make the cashmere lose its shine. You should also avoid hanging it out to dry, as the weight of the water could weigh it down and deform it.

Gently iron with a damp cloth
Iron very gently with steam and on the wrong side if necessary.

Remove pilling
Pilling is a natural phenomenon caused by excess material. Add white vinegar to the rinse water and use an anti-pilling comb if necessary.